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RoadMusic generates music for your drive from the phone’s sensors and camera.

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The road becomes the score, the driver becomes the musician,
and the music becomes the sound of the situation.

We all love driving down a open road with music on the car radio, at times there seems to be an almost magical synchronization between the music playing and the passing landscape, the speed, the hum of the motor, sounds harmonize with the machine. Then somehow it stops, we get bored of the same rhythm, or it starts to rain, or traffic slows down and suddenly it doesn’t seem right anymore. We start grubbing around for CDs or changing radio stations or navigating on our USB key... RoadMusic proposes to solve this problem : the music played in the car is in fact entirely generated by the car itself from an onboard device !

To ensure the proper functioning of the app, the support used to attach the device must be rigid.


• Correctly place your device on its support.
• Connect the headphone output.
• Start a scene.
• If you are in a parking lot or a dark area, tap once to recalibrate the video brightness.

Project designer :

Peter Sinclair

Music :

Peter Sinclair, Andrea Cera, Atau Tanaka & Adam Parkinson, Marine Quiniou, Mathias Isouard, Charles Bascou

Android Development :

Antoine Villeret & Cyrille Henry

Coproduction :

gmem-CNCM-marseille (national center for musical creation)
Seconde Nature

Partners :

CRISAP, University of the Arts - London
Culture Lab
Newcastle University
Transport Operations Research Group
Locus Sonus
Marseille Innovation

With the help of DICRéAM.

Credits :

RoadMusic uses PureData, LibPd, ScenePlayer (Peter Brinkmann) under Android

Thanks to Lydwine Van der Hulst, Charles Bascou, Guillaume Stagnaro, Willy Legaud & Mathieu Bouchard for their help and advice.

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