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LAb[au] / Zimoun / Artificiel / Carsten Nicolai / Ryoji Ikeda / Marius Watz / Vera Molnàr / Nicolas Schöffer / Victor Vasarely

June 2nd to July 11th

Fondation Vasarely / Seconde Nature, Aix-en-Provence

From cinetics to digital art

This exhibition places side by side the architectural and visual art heritage of the Vasarely Foundation side by side with contemporary artworks that develop a transversal approach across “digital” art, design and sound creation.

Here, artwork created on site and known of as « integrations » are shown along side a selection of the silkscreen prints produced by the master of Op Art, Victor Vasarely, a sculpture by the forefather of cybernetic art, Nicolas Schoëffer – chronos b – and other artworks recognized as being at the spearhead of today’s “digital” art . If the Vasarely Foundation, a veritable shrine of Op art, has work that is considered some of the most contemporary pieces of graphic artwork today, we can still feel that the mark of time, the vocabulary and the art language developed by the one continues to nourish the creativity and technological mastery of the other.

By revealing the attitude adopted by the creators-developers of today, those following in the wake of Victor Vasarely and Nicolas Schöffer, we will understand how their work also bears the mark of the technological upheavals of their era.

This group exhibition will be the subject of a catalogue to be published by LAb[au].

At Seconde Nature

June 2nd to July 10th
27 bis rue du 11 novembre, Aix-en-Provence

At Fondation Vasarely

June 2nd to July 11th
Jas de Bouffan, Aix-en-Provence