• Augmented Reality by Adelin Schweitzer

Augmented Reality by Adelin Schweitzer / redSugar

Installation by Adelin Schweitzer / redSugar . Fr . 2009

Through the development of a portable man/machine interface, the artwork Augmented Reality questions the human being’s perception of reality and the constraints it generates. At the same time, Adelin Schweitzer seeks to outline a new cartography that allows the exploration of different responses on the part of the audience.

This project is structured through two major moments: the collection of data-gathering through field work experience, and the exhibition of these “fragments” as while they are being recreated.

The artwork focuses particularly on the potential for the audience to become engrossed by the sensations felt by these different “subjects”. With a help of a stereoscopic projection technique, the audience is plunged into this three-dimensional subjective vision as close as possible to the real experimental conditions. The point is to propel the audience into other sensory, spatial and temporal dimensions. The use of GPS data, video and sound also contribute to the composition of a new cartography of spaces of exploration.

A coproduction of METAL (Liverpool)Seconde Natre, redSugar


(Translation by Leila Bordreuil)