• Bakemono ©Ralph Louzon


11:00 pm till 11:35 pm . Square Guindon


Undefinable Karry Kamal Karry interferes with the frontiers between genres, elaborates complex encounters between material, sound and the body in movement. In a world where we would like to be everywhere at once, a technological world that escapes our control and in which the virtual is gradually taking up more and more space, the body often seems threatened. Yet the body is central to the work of this young creator who offers us a form of « unlocking of the senses » through this fascinating artistic and aesthetic experience. (photo : Ralph Louzon / Text : Mathieu Vabre / Translation : Caroline Newman)

Design and choreography: Karry Kamal Karry
Dancer : Yoshifumi Wako
Film / video : Ralph Louzon
Set and lighting design : Karry Kamal Karry
Spatialization Mix (?) and Multi Diffusion: Nicolas Cante
Lighting : Xavier Guille
Production : K3MK Compagny
Coproduction : Théâtre du Lierre, Paris - Festival Dance Box, Osaka