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« Les Oiseaux de Céleste » by Ariane Michel

France, 2008, 7’40

The artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot creates settings that accompany the psychological rhythms of our lives and that prolong the fantasies evoked by Erik Satie’s “background music”. For his installation “From hear to ear” in 2008, he transformed the space of the Xippas gallery into an aviary where the visitors could mingle with flocks of birds. When landing on the guitars the birds produced a piece of music similar to the disturbing sounds of rock. On the artist’s request, Ariane Michel, filmed this moment of grace and suspension.

Photography :
Céleste Boursier-Mougenot,
View of installation:  From here to ear, galerie Xippas, Paris, 2008
Photographer: Frédéric Lanternier
© Céleste Boursier-Mougenot
Courtesy galerie Xippas

A selection of films by Romain Kronenberg


A guitar, a camera, light. The work of the artist Romain Kronenberg is a combination which seems to extract itself from the world. His eruption on the French art scene dates back to 2005 with a series of video performances filmed at the Cartier Foundation and then filmed at the Palais de Tokyo. After this comes a series of videos all revealing a particular sense of distancing which places working drawing at the centre of his aesthetics. Romain Kronenberg’s work reveals a certain nostalgic feeling both of the moment seized and of the ‘elsewhere’. He tests the depths of instants of absence in an attempt to better understand their meaning. This programme has been put together specially for the Seconde Nature festival. (Benoît Hické / translation by Caroline Newman).

The selection :
- « La naissance du monde » (2010 / 13’48)
- « Festina lente » (2007-2009 / 8’37)
- « Eté » (2007 / 14’41)
- « Fernweh » (2008 / 9’44)
- « Zenith » (2009 / 11’20)
- « Vacance » (2009 / 14’18)
- « Let me in » (2009 / 8’29)

« Minilogue - Animals, The Movie »

Cocoon Recordings, Germany, 2009, 79’

This DVD continues the work begun on the double album « Animals » produced by Minilogue in 2008. We know how capable the Swedish duo is to develop metronomic and experimental tracks. Never afraid of taking risks, he asked the Hinge Design studio and a few of his art friends to dress up his « high tempo » miniatures. The result : fifteen visual capsules which plunge the viewer into a digital wilderness similar to a sort of flashy and hallucinating trip. Your eyes ‘ll go wild. (Benoît Hické / Translation by Caroline Newman).

« Kill The Ego » by Soundwalk à Rostarr

Initiated by visual label Dalbin, USA, 2008, 40’, video, color

This film is the result of work by the American painter, Rostarr, with the sound recordings that Soundwalk made in New York between 1998 and 2008. Rostarr took hold of the sound material and, in front of the camera, inscribed with paint, in movement and colour, the fragmented words of poets and prophets, visionaries and lost children. A story, a homage to the city appears as these miniature stories unfold. (Benoît Hické / translation by Caroline Newman).

Photography : « Kill The Ego » by Soundwalk à Rostarr © 2008 Rostarr / Photo Atsushi Nishijima / Dalbin