Citizen Kane | Star Wars reliefs

Sam Burford

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Citizen Kane est une pièce photographique, une « time lapse » tirée du film du même nom, et Star wars relief, une sculpture elle aussi prenant pour sujet une image du film du même nom. Les travaux de Burford sont une enquête sur la manière dont le langage cinématographique affecte la façon dont nous attribuons un sens à ce que nous vivons à travers nos expériences antérieures du cinéma.

« My artistic practice combines sculpture and photography to explore our relationship to cinema as a form of prosthetic cultural memory. This involves making custom hand made cameras that are able to take long single exposure time lapse photographs of films and then subsequently adding dimensionality to these images to create sculptural, cinematic surfaces and forms. Using these cameras, time is compressed into long horizontal traces - resulting in very large and complex aggregations of light and colour. A visual overview or map of the film is produced - a form of Simultaneous Cinema. The images are presented as large highly detailed C-Type prints. » At the same time as working on these big complex images I have also been focusing on creating images from individual scenes from movies. And exploring new methods to hand print these films. Part of my practice has been a response to the visual quality of these images - especially the way that certain films and moments produce a unique visual signature when frozen in time. At times the material resembles a series of gestural paint strokes. »