Friday 5th June 2009

- 7pm till 4am

Fondation Vasarely, Aix-en-Provence

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Tickets :
- presale tickets 20€ / 22 € at the door
- 2 nights pass : presale 35 € / 38 € at the door

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Schedule :
- doors open at 7pm / close at 4am

Festival venue :
- Fondation Vasarely, 1 avenue Marcel Pagnol, Aix-en-Provence, France.

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How to come :

Lowcosts bound for Marseille (MP2 Marseille-Marignane Airport) : Ryanair, Easyjet.

Where to sleep from 10 to 40 euros per night :

- Airotel Camping Chantecler
Val Saint-André par la route de Nice, Aix-en-Provence

- Camping arc en ciel
Pont des Trois Sautets (Route de Nice), Aix-en-Provence
Tel : +33 (0)4 42 26 14 28 /

- Auberge de jeunesse (Youth Hotel) :
Le Jas de Bouffan, 3, avenue Marcel Pagnol, 13090 Aix-en-Provence
Tel : +33 (0)4 42 20 15 99

- B&Bs in Aix-en-Provence
Avenue de l’Arc de Meyran, 13100 Aix-en-Provence
Tel : +33 (0)8 92 70 75 02

- More information on tourism office website :

Fujiya & Miyagi


UK, Concert, Full Time Hobby

Don’t be misled by their exotic name, Fujiya & Miyagi are in fact Brit’s from Brighton. Yet their influences come from this side of the Channel : from Gainsbourg, for the phrasing and words which hit true and from German krautrock for the hynotic music, repetitive but terribly groovy… Ah ! And it isn’t a duo either, as a rhythmic section now gives the tempo of their dance to Saint Guy (Text : Olivier Kerdudo / translation : Caroline Newman).

Moderat [Modeselektor + Apparat + Pfadfindereï]


BPitch Control, Live & visuals, Germany

Moderat ©Melissa Hostetler Moderat ©Melissa Hostetler Moderat ©Melissa Hostetler Moderat ©Melissa Hostetler

Watch out, an event ! Moderat is the fantasy of all those lovers of a German techno that bends away, far from the minimal motorway. Modeselektor and Apparat, the spearleaders of the Bpitch Control label, with six hands to inject weight into the beat like a 33’ Burial played as a single. The Pfadfinderei collage artists dress this exceptional live show (first French performance !) with their colourful visual mixes. (Benoît Hické / translation by Caroline Newman).

Danton Eeprom


FR, Live & visuals, Infiné / Fondation records

Danton Eeprom ©Clémentine Crochet Danton Eeprom ©Clémentine Crochet Danton Eeprom ©Clémentine Crochet Danton Eeprom ©Clémentine Crochet Danton Eeprom ©Clémentine Crochet Danton Eeprom ©Clémentine Crochet

Danton Eeprom loves surprises. After having won the prize for the best Seconde Nature live event in 2007 and following on with a series of incomparable maxis and remixes, the Marseilles dandy in his London exile will bring out his first – much waited for - album this year, with its influences from rock, his first love. He promises us an astonishing performance full of surprises, accompanied by his loyal acolyte, C.Real, on the visuals. (text : Benoît Hické / translation : Caroline Newman).

Ivan Smagghe


FR, DJ Set, Kill the Dj

Do we still need to present he who is both an outstanding mover (from dark rock/electro gems revealed with true passion), obsessed with all underground culture, and the producer with an ever-growing reputation ? After bringing out the first Battant album and before his new project, It’s A Fine Line (brewed up with Tim Paris), Ivan Smagghe now knocks us out with his latest findings. Kill The Dj ? Definitely not. (texte : Benoît Hické / translation : Caroline Newman).

Andrew Weatherall


UK, DJ Set, Rotters Golf Club

Both a vintage rockabilly amateur and a pioneer of Acid House, Andrew Weathreall is an artist with a record library as impeccable as his dandy clothes. From Madchester where he shaped the sound of Happy Mondays and Primal Scream moving through the eclectic groove of Sabres of Paradise, up to the pityless electro of Two Lone Swordsman, his work as a producer arouses as much respect as do his mythical DJ sets. (texte : Olivier Kerdudo / translation : Caroline Newman).

Hydrocarbure from the Théâtre du Centaure

Performance for a centaur - Odessa (film, 06mins00)- Extracts from Flux – Created in 2009

This performance is based on the extended staging of the film, Odessa. The body of the centaur, standing in a pool of petrol spreading out like a mirror on the ground, rears high, only a few centimetres from the audience. - a strange and wild image of a dismantled centaur. The audience and the centaur can look each other in the eye, feel and touch one another. The intimacy of this relationship reveals the fragility of life. Translation by Caroline Newman

Produced by : Camille&Manolo / Centaur : Manolo&Nuno (Arabian stallion) / Texts : Fabrice Melquiot / Sound : Nicolas Lespagnol-Rizzi / Lighting : Pascale Bongiovanni / With : Manolo and Nuno, a Spanish-Arabian stallion

Sho(u)t version 02 by Vincent Elka

From the interactive installation to performance - 2007-2009

« The aim of Sho(u)t is to abolish all forms of hierarchy between spectators and artwork. Based on a process that acknowledges emotions, Sho(u)t, has a random structure that accepts its own destructuring. Nothing must remain intact after this encounter. Using Sho(u)t, means accepting abandonment of the group and confronting this domineering and prying attitude : artwork, order, permanency. It seems as normal to me to reintroduce a relationship between the dancer (Sébastien Durand) and his filmed double during these performances, as with a virtual actress and real-life actresses (Alice Chenu and Marie Pezelet) ». Vincent Elka. Translation by Caroline Newman

Elaboration : Francis Maes, Thomas Besson, Vincent Dedun Version 01- Actress : Keziah Serreau / Version 02 - Dancer : Sébastien Durand Performers - Danseur: Sébastien Durand / Actresses: Alice Chenu / Marie Pezelet.
Honorary Prize Interactive Arts - Ars Electronica 2007 / Supported by ARCADI, Scam, DRAC Limousin / With the technological support of Evol System / Sho(u)t is based on Smode/Dipmedia technology.

Feiern (Don’t Forget To Go Home)

Documentary by Maja Classen - Germany – 2006 – 81mins – Original Version with German subtitles

2005 : Techno goes back underground and Berlin once again becomes the destination for those seeking to fulfil their desires. Feiern shows us those in love with the beat and for whom nights are never-ending. They speak of tenderness, no limits, self-destruction and above all their search for happiness. A very poetic portrait of 19 conversations, 56 nights and 13 tracks. Text : Benoît Hické / Translation by Caroline Newman.

The Den (La tannière)

Documentary by Alain Della Negra and Kaori Kinoshita - France – 2008 - 30mins - Original Version with French subtitles

Matthew, a young Californian, seeks his true identity. After having surfed around the virtual worlds of Second Life, he decides to go to a furry party, a celebration of being half way between Man and furry beasts. Plunging us into a world of surprises... Text : Benoît Hické / Translation : Caroline Newman.

« Minilogue - Animals, The Movie »

Cocoon Recordings, Germany, 2009, 79’

This DVD continues the work begun on the double album « Animals » produced by Minilogue in 2008. We know how capable the Swedish duo is to develop metronomic and experimental tracks. Never afraid of taking risks, he asked the Hinge Design studio and a few of his art friends to dress up his « high tempo » miniatures. The result : fifteen visual capsules which plunge the viewer into a digital wilderness similar to a sort of flashy and hallucinating trip. Your eyes ‘ll go wild. (Benoît Hické / Translation by Caroline Newman).