• Doctor P. / I Step Factory ©Clémentine Crochet
  • Ed Rush / I Step Factory ©Clémentine Crochet
  • Ed Rush / I Step Factory ©Clémentine Crochet
  • Ed Rush / I Step Factory ©Clémentine Crochet
  • Missill / I Step Factory ©Clémentine Crochet
  • Missill / I Step Factory ©Clémentine Crochet
  • Missill / I Step Factory ©Clémentine Crochet
  • Spiky The Machinist / I Step Factory ©Clémentine Crochet
  • Spiky The Machinist / I Step Factory ©Clémentine Crochet
  • I Step Factory ©Clémentine Crochet

I Step Factory II | Missill / Ed Rush / Spiky The Machinist / Doctor P. / Patch Me / Loud Bass

Saturday, 5 June | 8:30pm > 3 am

Salle du Bois de l’Aune, Aix-en-Provence

Entre Peaux & Addict Music present I Step Factory II.


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Tarif unique : 15€ sur place.


Ouverture des portes à 20h / fermeture 3h.
- Warm up de 21h à 22h30 : Patch Me (dubstep, découverte Black Castle Music 2010), Loud Bass (ragga jungle)
- début des lives et DJ Set à 22h30

Salle du Bois de l’Aune
1 Place Victor Schoelcher, 13090 Aix-en-Provence.

Navettes gratuites
En rotation de 18h30 à 23h30 et de 2h30 à 3h30 entre la Rotonde et la Salle du Bois de l’Aune.

Covoiturage possible avec www.covoiturage.fr


Téléphone : +33 (0)4 42 64 61 00 / 01

Doctor P.


Circus, DJ Set, UK

The favourite for the Step Factory this year is Doctor P. This new phenomenum has caught the news in England with a strikingly violent Dub Step electro track, «Sweet Shop». Enthusiastically praised by major artists such as Rusko, it’s a great chance to be able to hear them here in the south of France for the fi rst time.


Spiky The Machinist


Black Castle Music, Live, France

Spiky The Machinist, creator of the Step movement and founder of the Black Castle Music label, hit the Dub Step scene in 2010 and he is one of the most talented artists in this fi eld in France today. Moving between fi nely mastered to highly aggressive tracks, from the most serious to the light-hearted, his fi rst album, «Phase 1», is the synthesis of a profuse musical career enriched with many collaborations and the exceptional participation of Big Red (Raggasonic).


Ed Rush


Virus, DJ Set, UK

Master of the Heavy, Tecky, Dirty Roller sounds, Ed Rush moves through the dark sides of drum’n’bass. The production tandem he forms with Optical signs greats classics of this genre, beginning with the «Wormhole» album, which marked the début of their collaboration in 1998 and established the basis of a style : low frequencies which rumble along outrageously and unequalled explosive rhythmics are their Londonian trademark. The dance floor will be really shaken up ! (translation : Caroline Newman).




Citizen records, DJ Set, France

First acclaimed at the Transmusicales, then at a number of other European festivals over the past few years, Missill is an artist of many talents : DJ, graphic artist and dramatic tagger, well known for her wild energy and particularly communicative in her mixes, she pushes the limits of electro, hip-hop and even dancehall, reinventing styles including electro-rock, grime, baile funk, booty bass, breakbeat, ragga... and always with a smile ! (translation : Caroline Newman).