Video, photography, short films and performance are some of the mediums that Lynette Wallworth explores in her questioning of the place occupied by Man within the immensity of the Universe. The visitor holds a very important position in her installations, it is he who brings the work alive by initiating the interactive processes between image, sound and space. This interaction is in itself a metaphore of the links that unite us, a complex ecosystem where the infinitely large joins the infinitely small, where new technology coexists with ancestral knowledge...

(Translation by Caroline Newman, Photo : Lynette Wallworth, Invisible by Night, 2004 ©Colin Davison)

Lynette Wallworth is represented by Forma, the British agency artistic production – the Exhibition is produced by Forma
and presented within the framework of the 60th festival of Lyrical Art :

Seconde Nature, in partnership with the Lyrical Art Festival, proposes visits around Lynette Wallworth’s installations.