• Translation jugulaire ©Régis Cotentin

Le Bestiaire Numérique

Audiovisual installation, international collective creation 2009.

Le Bestiaire Numérique (the electronic bestiary) is an artistic creation produced by Seconde Nature. Visitors to the exhibit are immersed in a circular gallery of mirrors, a world of mobile objects and chimeras, optical illusions created with the artifice of two-way mirrors. Le Bestiaire Numérique used this original stage design to structure a collection of audio-visual creations commissioned to visual artists, video artists and musicians, who work on the notion of hybridizing, as well as on the creation of mutants as archetypes of our social imaginary. As they walk through the installation, visitors will discover a digital mutant behind every mirror, as if they were looking through the window of a vivarium.

With the projects of:

Alive and Gone : Régis Cotentin, music by Lavender Hill). Alain Fleischer’s Epidermia Bestiarium 2009 : video by Marcel Li Antunez, music by Carles Lopez, Translation Jugulaires - Thomas Israel, music by Gauthier Keyaerts aka The Aktivist, Chienman: video and music by Du Zhenjun, Franzenman: video and music by Transforma.

(translation by Leila Bordreuil)