• Le pavillon à 7 brèches ©Marine Class & Sara Domenach

Le pavillon à 7 brèches

A creation by Marine Class and Sara Domenach

Sara Domenach is a painter ; Marine Class, a sculptor. The artists met during their studies at the Fine Arts School in Paris and rapidly found correlations in their work : volume and its pictorial representation through aspects associated with vegetation. Their work together explores the potentials of space and develops the capacity to rebuild it as an environmental entity. The first collaboration in March 2008 produced an installation : Mise en Bouche (Tasting). Since then they have persevered in the development of their complementary skills. Last November, Tapis volant et Farioboules (Flying carpet and nonsense) came to light. Today they are finalising the model for their future installation that they will show in September 2009 : Le Pavillon à 7 brèches (The pavilion with 7 breaches). This work will mark the between the real and the magic by drawing from the intra-extra contrast between the substrate and its structure. The representation of a space, enclosed by definition, a pavilion, will be open to free circulation of air with its seven apertures, a reference to the mythology of Skopje ; paintings of plants will work their way into the interior and an overflowing sculpture will burst out of the ceiling. The unique imaginary plants will here act as a filter whereas the central sculpture appears as a growth from the roof developing towards the interior.

- Marine Class

Born 21.05.83 / / 2007 Obtained the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Paris diploma, Richard Deacon’s studio / / 2005 Obtained the DNSAP at the Ecole NationaleRationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Paris, Anne Rochette’s studio / / 2001- 2002 Glacière preparatory workshops, of the town of Paris / / 2008 Group exhibition at the Terre-Mère space Commines, Florence Foundation / / Jungle exhibition, installation with the Sara Domenach Gallery at Crous Beaux-Arts Paris / / 2006 Le Pré Urbain Exhibition, Jachère/j’achète Gallery Ag’art, Amilly, group exhibition / / Les Improbables festival at the war museum in Fontainebleau / / 2005 Group exhibition, Parcours d’artistes Pontault-Combault / / 2004 Mémoires de racines with Sara Favriau and Julie Chabin Monum’, Saint Cloud domain, group exhibition / / 2006 ERASMUS grant, Faculdade de Belas Artes do Porto, Portugal / / 2004 “Jeune Création” prize, Pontault-Combault / / 2007 Contract for a Carrare marble sculpture for the Coste restaurant, Saint Germain de Prés.

- Sara Domenach

Born 6.11.80 / / 2008/2009 Residence, at the studio in the town of Marseilles / / 2007 Obtained DNSAP diploma at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris / / 2002 Obtained a degree in Art, Université de Provence Atelier de la Glacière (town hall in Paris) / / 2001 Atelier Clouet, in Paris / / 2008 Personal exhibition, C.R.O.U.S.-Beaux-arts Gallery, Paris / / Group exhibition, Espace Commines, Paris / / Mulhouse / / Painting in progress, group exhibition at CAES, Ris Oragis / / Jungle, C.R.O.U.S-Beaux-arts Gallery, project realised with Marine Class / / Ici et demain Festival, Paris / / Montrouge show / / 2007 Wonderland, group exhibition, Shirman and Debeaucé Gallery, Paris / / Visites dessinées, group exhibition at the CNAM (musée des Arts et métiers), Paris / / 2006: Exhibition at Passage, Aix-en-Provence / / 2008 Montrouge Show prize / / 2007 Diamond drawing prize / / Pierre Cardin Prize .