• Monolake (DR)


00:30 am till 01:30 am


Robert Henke is an electronic music player from Berlin inspired by technological odysseys and new ways of envisaging the creation of sound. Well-known for the albums he released with Chain Reaction (Maurizio’s label) his compositions and all his other projects are developing a purified techno interlude of a very « dub » feeling, very popular on the German underground. He has over the past ten years with the Monolake structure followed a very interesting direction that has led him into contemporary art and multimedia performances (of which « Atom » was shown at the Centre Pompidou last April). At the Cité du Livre, plunged in the shadows over the levers of his diabolical machine (Monodeck) he will give us a condensed presentation of his work, experimental and buzzing with obsessive rhythms. (Photo : DR / Text : Benoît Hické / Translation : Caroline Newman)