• Suspension ©Nicolas Provost


08:45 pm till 10:00 am . Salle Armand Lunel


Nicolas Provost is a Belgian artist who, over the past ten years, has tested every single genre of cinema, and remains completely unclassifiable today. After a period spent at the School of Fine arts in Gand he developed a passion for video art and cinema in Norway and Denmark where he worked as an illustrator and artistic director. He returned to Brussels in 1999 to produce films crossing experimental work with fiction, yet has never ceased to question his favourite subjects - identity (that of the stranger or foreigner) and cinema ( as a material and an aesthetic form) - which he continues to pull in all directions. Invited to the most prestigious festivals (Sundance, Rotterdam, Clermont-Ferrand), his films are all very musical and different (« Papillon d’amour » (Butterfly of love), a sign of love for Kurosawa to a piece by Köhn) and full of a sometimes political poetry ("Exoticore", « The Divers » and « Plot Point »). Nicolas Provost is currently preparing his first full-length fiction film «L’envahisseur » (The invader), the perfect opportunity for us to accompany his reflection on ten years of experimental work. (Photo : Suspension ©Nicolas Provost / Text : Benoît Hické / Translation : Caroline Newman).

The film selection : Induction (10‘, 2006) / Exoticore (27’, 2004) / I Hate This Town ! (2’, 2002) / Oh Dear (1’, 2004) / Plot Point (15’, 2007) / Gravity (6’, 2007) / Suspension (4’, 2007) / The Divers (7’, 2006) / Papillon d’amour (4’, 2003) / Bataille (7’, 2003).

Thanks to Katerina Tselou (Argos).