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8pm > 2am



Live, France

Andromakers ©Clémentine Crochet Andromakers ©Clémentine Crochet Andromakers ©Clémentine Crochet Andromakers ©Clémentine Crochet Andromakers ©Clémentine Crochet

« We love these two young women from Aix who are rising on the modern pop scene, just as seductively up-to-date as they are deliciously crazy » (Journal Ventilo). The inventive-pop duo, Nadege Teri and Lucille Hochet reveal their intimate world peopled with low-fi tales carried by translucent and enchanting voices and a hotch-potch of percussion instruments, a xylophone, synthesiser, Bontempi, Casiotone and Glockenspiels from a time gone by. (translation by Caroline Newman).


Andromakers - "Electricity"
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Andromakers - "Upper Lower"
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Andromakers - "Spider On The Wall"
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Anything Maria


Live, France

A raw voice, a guitar plunged in distortion, if anything Maria’s music is stripped bare, almost to the bone. A woman, a guitar and PJ Harvey rapidly comes to mind... Yet she could also remind us of the contemporary lo-fi scene, particularly when Mademoiselle plays around with short and more coaxing electro pop tracks. Remarked upon even in the US where she has toured, it’s thanks to her that people talk of the energy in the Marseille scene today. (Olivier Kerdudo / translation by Caroline Newman).


Anything Maria - Cook Him Up
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Tirk, Live, UK

Discovered by the Tirk label, Architeq produces electronica that’s always groovy, recycling bud as well as funk. His sounds remind us of oJ Dilla in the crazy sequences scattered with vintage keyboard notes. Close to the creative magma of a Fourtet with whom he collaborates as well as with a drummer both on record and on stage. To cut it short, if this young Scot was an architect he’d be more inspired by Gaudi’s swirling curves than Le Corbusier’s rigid lines... (Olivier Kerdudo / translation by Caroline Newman).


Architeq Live Vilnius 2010 from vytas realtime on Vimeo.

Architeq - "Birds of Prey"
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Moderat [Modeselektor + Apparat + Pfadfindereï]


BPitch Control, Live & visuals, Germany

Moderat ©Melissa Hostetler Moderat ©Melissa Hostetler Moderat ©Melissa Hostetler Moderat ©Melissa Hostetler

Watch out, an event ! Moderat is the fantasy of all those lovers of a German techno that bends away, far from the minimal motorway. Modeselektor and Apparat, the spearleaders of the Bpitch Control label, with six hands to inject weight into the beat like a 33’ Burial played as a single. The Pfadfinderei collage artists dress this exceptional live show (first French performance !) with their colourful visual mixes. (Benoît Hické / translation by Caroline Newman).


Black Devil Disco Club


Live, France

A beautiful story : in 1978, the Frenchman Français Bernard Fèvre composes « Disco Club » by Black Devil, a totally new and disturbing space disco sound. When this did not get the recognition he expected he returned to his discrete career as a sound engineer... 25 years later, he is sampled by the Chemical Brothers, then re-edited by Aphex Twin on Rephlex ! And it’s here then that we can rediscover Black Devil Disco Club : Both vintage and futuristic, his music is incredibly alive today. (Olivier Kerdudo / translation by Caroline Newman).