Outdoor stage

8pm > 2am

Oh! Tiger Mountain


Microphone Recordings, Live, France

Oh! Tiger Mountain, is a voice placed upon simple compositions over which the sort of spectres of major figures from the past and of today’s loners float. Intimate monologues of naive honesty, always counterbalanced with the energy of their interpretations : man is happy to say with a smile, that he dreams of Oh ! Tiger Mountain as the encounter between Jukebox Babe by Alan Vega and This Years’ Model by Elvis Costello... (translation : Caroline Newman).


Oh! Tiger Mountain - "Broken Arms"
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Oh! Tiger Mountain - "Do Without"
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Oh! Tiger Mountain - "Or The Drugs"
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Moritz Von Oswald Trio


Honest Jon’s Rec., Live, Germany

After the conquest of the Far West, came that of the electronic bush. In the rôle of the cold and precise hero, Moritz Von Oswald, co-founder of Basic Channel and Rhythm and Sound and also the parent of the Tables of the law of music as infinitely hypnotic and sensual as a breeze of dub. For his latest project he is accompanied by Max Loderbauer (Sun Electric) and the drummer Vladislav Delay, moving on to machines which deliver Coltrane inspired variations of a new dimension (already captured on the « Vertical Ascent » album). Your body will be massaged by these sounds. (Benoît Hické / translation : Caroline Newman).

Matias Aguayo


Kompakt, Live band, Germany

Revealed through the electro pop of his previous duo, Closer Music (on Kompakt), Matias Aguayo has since turned his back to minimal sound and is now moving in to a more spontaneous music spiced with south-American percussion. Entirely composed with voices, the latest album by the German-Chilian owes as much to the fun experiments of Herbert as to numeric Cumbia rhythms. His live interpretation with his friends on the Comeme label announce a new and rich experience. (Olivier Kerdudo / translation : Caroline Newman).


Pantha du Prince +Visomat Inc


Rough Trade, Live & visuals, Germany

Pantha du Prince is one of this small groups of people (together with his friend Lawrence) seeking to extract a wildly organic material from software. With his third album, «Black Noise », Hendrik Weber exploses all the current codes and clichés of minimal techno. Quite undefinable at first, full of muted sounds and infrabasses carried along by soft pulsations, «Black Noise» intelligently sets up its own biotope, through the use of nuances (we adore the pedal-steel and small bells) and must be discovered live, accompanied by our preferred anti-vj and visomat inc. projections. (Benoît Hické / translation : Caroline Newman).




Present/Delsin/Stylax Leaves, Live, Germany

Consciously mysterious, hidden behind a red mask, the Berlin Redshape reveals himself in the title of his records. The last is called « The Dance Paradox » and shows us his objective : to create irrestistably yet demanding techno, plunging into the depths of telluric dub then rising towards immensely wide and atmospharic horizons. As with Martyn (which he has just remixed) he is the avant-garde of a new electro sound that will mark this decade. (Olivier Kerdudo / translation : Caroline Newman).


Redshape - Garage GT
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