Pavillon Noir, Aix-en-Provence, France

Think local / Act global !

Friday 6th June . 2:30 pm / 5:00 pm

Today, artists and people working to promote cultural events have appropriated technology’s “message”. They try to articulate local missions around global thought, to participate locally in the writing of a global world.

The aim of this encounter is to try to measure the changes in scale and how to reach across these two dimensions. Projects open to new forms of co-operation and horizontal co-productions will be examined and transversal approaches to esthetics as well as to methodology will be presented.

Professional meetings biographies (pdf)

ARPAN’s open General Assembly

Friday 6th June . 6:00 pm / 8:30 pm


ARPAN, a regional association of professionals working in art and digital culture, invites you to attend their annual general assembly to discuss the initial progress recently made towards working together on a regional level. This desire to federate projects and developments aims both to analyse the structures, finance and the dynamics of associations’ work in progress and to instigate transversal propositions consistent with local government policy concerning culture in our sector of activity.

At a time when the world operates on an interconnected and global level and as the region is clearly aware of these issues, this meeting invites people working in associations, entrepreneurs, representatives from local governament authorities to work together to think and take this world one step further. After this meeting we invite the professionals present to discover the multi-media artworks shown within this festival and to discuss the question of how esthetics are introduced and how various forms of digital technology are shown and perceived.

For several years now Seconde Nature has worked and analysed the accessibility of digital art work. This aim to show, communicate and develop public awareness is articulated around a program of courses for professionals that our association leads in collaboration with ZINC ECM at the Friche La Belle de Mai.