• Passage à l’infini ©Marjorie Brunet

Passage à l’infini

A creation by Marjorie Brunet

Passage à l’infini (Passage to the infinite) : two diptychs inspired by L’art de rêver (The art of dreaming) by Carlos Castaneda. But not necessarily of the work itself, rather by their author’s approach. He used words, Marjorie Brunet, photos. Because as she says, photography is after all just a medium. And hers, moreover, is extremely close to painting, particularly the classical : the work with light, the taste for chiaroscuro, the feeling for detail, the importance of the composition. What begins here as a diptych, a sort of face to face with oneself, built around notions implying not only a passing from one to the other but also an interdependance : life / death, consciousness / unconsciousness, outside / inside. « A journey inwards...unfinished, of course » its author says. Yet all the same, a few elements, beginning with that in which the models are plunged : water. Inspired by the work of Michel Redolfi and that of the video artist, Bill Viola (which was a true trigger for her) around this element, she develops as this passage, the revealer where the models show something which does not belong to them (no longer?). And if the surface of the water – the frontier ? - is still visible, the verticality of the portraits refers here to spirituality, to the question of the soul ; or further hides the reasons possible. Until it renders this passage to the infinite impossible ? For you to decide...

- Marjorie Brunet

Born 20.11.85./ / 2008 / 2009 : Fine Art School in Aix-en-Provence, 5th year culminating in the DNSEP / / Sept 2007-Jan 2008 Art Institute in Bournemouth, UK Erasmus exchange in photography and cinema / / June 2007 DNAP (Diplôme National d’Arts Plastiques) / / 2003-2005 Paris 1 University, Art, Paris, France / / 2003-2004 Preparatory School for Visual Art for the Major Art Schools, Paris / / 1999-2001 Acting course at the Ana Julia Rojas Theatre, Caracas, Venezuela / / June 2009 Lyrical Art Festival in Aix-en-Provence, «Orphée», stage set design / / 2008 Greenwashing exhibition, a show on ecological whitening or the underside of advertising «Tire la chasse!» (Flush the toilet !), digital sculpture Marseilles / / 2006 Arborescence Festival Aix-en-Provence / / 2006, digital art festival «Le manège » (The merry-go-round): psycho-rotative show», installation and performance.