Seconde Nature’s project

Seconde Nature is a multidisciplinary project dedicated to new forms of creation in the fields of electronic music, digital art, and other cultural oddities.

Besides the festival and other events throughout the year, our activity involves workshops, artist residencies, public and professional seminars and conferences, and a program of intercultural exchanges that commenced in 2007 with the music and art scenes of Beirut.

Our music programming places cutting-edge experimental acts and electroacoustic performances alongside the most exciting and accessible developments in electronic music and left-of-centre headline artists. Multimedia arts presented at Seconde Nature take the form of interactive installations and performances, works exploring human/technology relationships, digital animation, short films and cinema, concentrating particularly on cross media hybrid works and collaborations.

Seconde Nature evolved from two festivals that grew up side-by-side in Aix-en-Provence and Marseilles. «Territoires Electroniques », and many other events since 1997, was produced by Biomix and principally focused on electronic music. «Arborescence» was initiated by Terre Active and was developed as a multimedia art festival. In 2007, the two sister organizations decided to join forces in order to form this new multidisciplinary project.