• DéplierSho(u)t by Vincent Elka ©DR

Sho(u)t version 02 by Vincent Elka

From the interactive installation to performance - 2007-2009

« The aim of Sho(u)t is to abolish all forms of hierarchy between spectators and artwork. Based on a process that acknowledges emotions, Sho(u)t, has a random structure that accepts its own destructuring. Nothing must remain intact after this encounter. Using Sho(u)t, means accepting abandonment of the group and confronting this domineering and prying attitude : artwork, order, permanency. It seems as normal to me to reintroduce a relationship between the dancer (Sébastien Durand) and his filmed double during these performances, as with a virtual actress and real-life actresses (Alice Chenu and Marie Pezelet) ». Vincent Elka. Translation by Caroline Newman

Elaboration : Francis Maes, Thomas Besson, Vincent Dedun Version 01- Actress : Keziah Serreau / Version 02 - Dancer : Sébastien Durand Performers - Danseur: Sébastien Durand / Actresses: Alice Chenu / Marie Pezelet.
Honorary Prize Interactive Arts - Ars Electronica 2007 / Supported by ARCADI, Scam, DRAC Limousin / With the technological support of Evol System / Sho(u)t is based on Smode/Dipmedia technology.