The Festival during the daytime

La Scène Numérique, la Fondation Vasarely, Aix-en-Provence

Exhibition Dessine-moi un mutant

5 June – 25 July, entrance free.

Fondation Vasarely et Scène Numérique, Aix-en-Provence

Eduardo Kac, Adelin Schweitzer, France Cadet, Le Bestiaire Numérique
- La Scène Numérique, 27bis rue du 11 Novembre, Aix-en-Provence. entrance free.

Granular Synthesis, Du Zhenjun, Vincent Elka
- Fondation Vasarely, Avenue Marcel Pagnol, Aix-en-Provence. entrance free.

Developed along the lines of « metamorphoses », this exhibition, run in parallel to the Picasso Season, offers a contemporary approach to mutations of the body, landscape and territory. An invitation to intropsective thought-provoking questions and ways of understanding the digital mutant that we may be gradually becoming. Translation by Caroline Newman

Unusual promenades

6 June, only on prior reservation.

Undefined promenades by Mathias Poisson & Manolie Soysouvanh

Sensorial and unbalancing urban promenades.

3 promenades starting from the reception area of the Festival, Esplanade Maria Callas. Duration : 1hr 10mins.

Augmented Reality by Adelin Schweitzer & redSugar

3 promenades starting from the reception area of the Festival, Esplanade Maria Callas. Duration : 30 mins.

Following the path of the «metamorphosing» artists, you will experience both performance art and visual art, a bridge between dreams and reality. Fitted with unfocused glasses (Undefined promenades) or a portable machine-like structure that alters sight and hearing (Augmented Reality), the environment loses its contours, redefines itself, and our perceptions of reality are completely changed. Translation by Caroline Newman

Bulles by Julien Clauss

5 June, free

Meeting point Esplanade Maria Callas.

Smooth music for calm or agitated environments. 2007.

Placed in a nomadic manner, the all-surrounding electronic music establishes an environment of sound. Above all it develops the texture and form of sounds. This artificial landscape can be compared to a mobile whose balancing elements are not solid but made up purely of sound. The sounds used are placed in equilibrium or in movement and respond to each other, thus creating a discrete, kinetic and spatial presence within this environment. Translation by Caroline Newman